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    Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.
    A Great Benefit for BIA Members!

    What is the Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.?

    • If you are planning to do excavation work in Pennsylvania, you are required to notify all owners of underground pipelines, cables and utilities before you begin your project.
    • Save Frustration!
      It can be frustrating spending precious time tracking down what is buried underneath each project and figuring out who to contact.
    • The Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. was created as a safe and reliable method of identifying and notifying all appropriate owners.
    • The purpose of Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. is to prevent damage to underground facilities. To promote safety, they provide an efficient, cost effective communications network among designers, excavators and facility owners.
    • We Pay the Fees!
      Because you are automatically a member of the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) when you joined the BIA, the PBA pays your Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. fee of $125 per calendar year. This is paid no matter how many times you use the service.
    • How We Pay Your Fee!
      When you receive your Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. invoice, simply fax/send it to the BIA office. We verify that your membership is in good standing then forward the invoice to the Pennsylvania Builders Association for payment. It is that simple!

    Submit your Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. invoice to:
    BIA of Lancaster County
    204 Butler Avenue, Suite 200
    Lancaster, PA 17601
    or fax to: 717.569.5187