• Landscaping Foreman

    Indian Run Landscaping II, LLC
    Job Description
    Landscaping Foreman
    Job description:
    -Physical work which requires lifting up to 75 lbs.
    -Pickup and delivery of supplies and tools to job sites as assigned.
    -Use of hand held power tools.
    -Accurate daily completion of all paperwork and route sheets.
    -Responsible for the field direction of a mowing crew to maintain customers’ lawn and beds properly with the times and materials allotted. 
    -Responsible for properly mowing, trimming and cleaning up after lawn mowing.
    -Also curb and sidewalk edging and maintaining beds weeds free at certain customers’ properties.
    -Also deadheading, fertilizing and watering annuals and perennial flowers.
    -Responsible for proper maintenance and cleaning of all tools, equipment and vehicles assigned.
    Hourly pay range:
    $13 to $18
    -Above average pay scale.
    -Potential for advancement to higher positions.
    -Pay increase potential with performance.
    -On job training.
    -No Sunday hours.
    Working conditions:
    -Hours generally Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 5:30pm.
    -Saturday work and overtime required as weather and work load dictate.
    -Lifting is involved.
    -Work boots are required.
    -Pants must be clean and free of holes.
    -Uniform tee shirts provided must be worn and washed by employee.
    -No clothing may be worn which contains text or images deemed objectionable.
    -No jewelry may be worn which could present a safety hazard.
    -It is the responsibility of the employee to have eye protection when using certain equipment.
    -Technical skills and knowledge:
    -High School diploma or GED and 2 years industry experience.
    -Proficiency in horticultural skills to include:
         proper mower operation and practices
         proper trimmer operation and practices
         proper leaf blower and vacuum operation and practices
         identification of annual and perennial flowers and ornamental trees and shrubs
         proper bed edging and mulching
         proper leaf clean-up practices
    -PA pesticide applicator’s license with endorsements for cat. 6 and 7
    -Proficiency in safe truck and trailer operation.
    -Ability to communicate and follow directions.
    -Ability to work safely.
    -Ability to report for work on time, when, and where assigned.
    -Display initiative and strong work ethic.
    -A valid driver’s license with a clean driving record for the past 3 years.
    -Ability to know when lawn or plants look abnormal and warrant mentioning to landscape manager.
    -Tractor/skid steer operation preferable.
    -Human skills:
    -Ability to display good attitude regardless of work required or weather conditions.
    -Ability to cooperate with all workers.
    -Ability to listen effectively.
    -Demonstrate ability to delegate to and manage others on crew.
    -Demonstrate ability to interact with customers.
    -Detail-oriented personality necessary.
    -Ability to set pace for crew.
    -Ability to get jobs done within budgeted times to acceptable standards.
    -Ability to train new crew members.
    -Desire to learn new tasks and assume new responsibility preferable.
    -Flexibility required.
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