• Landscaping Field Laborer

    Indian Run Landscaping II, LLC
    Job Description
    Job description:
    -Provide labor tasks as assigned.
    -Physical work which requires lifting up to 75 lbs.
    -Pickup and delivery of supplies and tools to job sites as assigned.
    -Use of hand held power tools.
    -Demonstrate ability to work unsupervised.
    Hourly pay range:
    $10.00 to $13.00
    -Above average pay scale.
    -Potential for advancement to higher positions.
    -Pay increase potential with performance.
    -On the job training.
    -No Sunday hours.
    Working conditions:
    -Hours generally Monday thru Friday between 7:00am and 5:30pm.
    -Other hours, Saturday work and overtime required as weather and work load dictate.
    -Lifting is involved.
    -Work boots are required.
    -Pants must be clean and free of holes.
    -Uniform tee shirts provided must be worn and washed by employee.
    -No clothing may be worn which contains text or images deemed objectionable.
    -No jewelry may be worn which could present a safety hazard.
    -It is the responsibility of the employee to have eye protection when using certain equipment.
    -Technical skills and knowledge.
    -Ability to communicate and follow directions.
    -Ability to work safely.
    -Ability to report for work on time, when, and where assigned.
    -Display initiative and strong work ethic.
    -A valid driver’s license with a clean driving record for the past 3 years.
    -You will be required to have a DOT Medical Certificate.
    -Be able to safely drive a truck with a utility trailer.
    -Experience using hand tools such as shovel, rake, wheelbarrow etc.
    -Experience using power tools and equipment.
    -2 seasons of industry experience preferred.
    Human skills:
    -Ability to display good attitude regardless of work required or weather conditions.
    -Ability to cooperate with all workers.
    -Ability to listen effectively.
    -Demonstrate ability to delegate to and manage others on crew.
    -Demonstrate ability to interact with customers.
    -Detail-oriented personality necessary.
    -Ability to set pace for crew.
    -Ability to get jobs done within budgeted times to acceptable standards.
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