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    Give like you’ve never given before.

    Almost every day companies and individuals across Lancaster County are asked to support a variety of deserving, charitable causes. Undoubtedly you answer many such calls for help. With the Lancaster Building Industry Foundation, you have a special way to make an impact on your community.

    In 1993, the members of the Building Industry Association of Lancaster created a foundation by which to make charitable contributions in the areas of education, research and affordable housing. As part of the Lancaster Building Industry Foundation, we also established an endowment fund to ensure future giving. The Foundation opens many new doors:

    • By joining together, you are able to make a significant difference in the community…much larger than you could do separately.
    • By focusing the Foundation’s gifts on education relating to the building trades, construction industry research and affordable housing, you can give back in very specific ways.
    • Only through the Lancaster Building Industry Foundation are you able to help underwrite scholarships for individuals studying in areas related to the building industry. The Foundation also provides grants to the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center, the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and other institutions educating these students. Not only does this benefit the students themselves, but it also helps ensure that the industry has a steady stream of well-trained employees.

    The Lancaster Building Industry Foundation also is committed to providing grants to non-profit organizations making the American dream of home ownership a reality. Through the work of these caring groups – and the support by the Foundation of their missions – many Lancaster countians, who could not otherwise afford to, are now owning homes.

    We’re making a difference.

    Together, we can make a bigger difference in this community. By unifying our talents and our resources, we can tackle bigger challenges, make a bigger impact. The Lancaster Building Industry Foundation gives you that opportunity.

    Join the building industry’s efforts to offer better educational opportunities, improve housing and advance building trade technologies. An investment in our community is truly an investment on behalf of our own families and businesses!

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